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My initial idea with this was to go with the route of '2 zombies fall in love in the midst of the apocalypse' I was trying out a whole 'lady and the tramp' kind of thing where I wanted to create a montage of cliché romance moments but with zombies!

This was my first test, I was just messing around with the concept and trying to wrap my head around the idea of it. That, and I was sharpening up my knowledge on storyboard pro.

Zombie Love Initial.gif

From there, the initial idea started to morph into something else: 'Zombie falls in love with survivor'. I became heavily inspired by the concept of this song  which was sent by a friend! it helped a lot since it gave me a bit more of a solid basis for narrative. I then went into thumbnailing and note taking.

I started to note take and redesign as I went! You can see my thought process expanding down the page as I went. (click the image to magnify!)


Essentially: A LOT changed 

This was the first test I had with the new concept. and while it was fun to draw, it sort of felt like it lacked a bit of depth, so before carrying on, I went back and started roughing out my work.

Before I carried on, I went and took more notes and created more thumbnails as I went. I also had to give myself little reminders to focus more on my own work opposed to what I would see online. It's not fair to compare myself to professionals with years on me in experience.

While this fixed my issue I had with adding a bit more depth, it opened another one: I was timing my work to the music which made it a lot harder to be creative in what I wanted to show! So what I ended up doing was essentially turning off the music and just going with it, loosely based on what the song gave me instead of being concrete

This ended up being my final draft of this project. I decided that rather on staying on it, I'd rather move on and use the skills that I gained on this and apply it to my next set of boards!

I got loads of great feedback from my mentor and this was such an amazing learning experience, it helped me get a lot more comfortable with myself and my board style.

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