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Here are some up close concepts and layouts I did for this project! You can click them to look at them closely.

And the rough synopsis I created to help sort out my idea and understand where I was going.

This was my first take at project, based loosely off the thumbs which was shown of the presentation. It evolved mainly through me building up my notes! I would keep adding to it as I worked.

However, I realised how ineffective it really is for the long run. Since while it works, it does take a lot longer since I'm working with sentences of a synopsis opposed to a script.

I was lucky enough to go through this project with a storyboard artist in the TV industry and he sat with me, providing extremely helpful feedback and insight which taught me how to work economically! 

I basically went back after all the feedback I got from the storyboard artist I spoke with and made some MAJOR changes! I ended up cutting such a large chunk of work out since while it looked cool, in the context of TV, it would've been something unrealistic to produce!

While I did make changes, I kept some of the stuff I really liked and couldn't part ways with! I think this works as a good example to show that I can do really fun scenes (hopefully!)

But I'm most definitely working from scripts predominantly from now on, it really does make things a lot easier!

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