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My final outcome ended up changing so much since Christmas break, I signed up for a mentorship and spoke and befriended industry professionals who I hope to work with in the future. I know that I don't have one final definitive project, which is why I wanted to display my work in separate sections, in chronological order of when I did them. Each section will have ALL if not MOST of my notes and work that I made for that project. It can be viewed at your own pace, you may even choose to skip it and just head straight to my samples and just look at those! 

If there are any password protected sections, please enter the password: middlesexuni (case sensitive)

This was my first major project after I decided to change my plan on what my final outcome would be! Around the same time of the creation of this project, I also met my mentor, so as I worked, I ended up realising that it would probably be best to use this more as a learning experience in getting used to Storyboard Pro as a program + understanding what type of work I want to create. 

As I wrapped up the previous project, I ended up revamping a previous idea of mine (for context) and decided it would be best to focus on one character and their experience in waking up late for school! I know it's quite cliché, but I really wanted to start experimenting further and pushing myself to try some interesting angles. In the midst of this, I was lucky enough to chat with storyboard artist working in TV and ended up getting a lot of helpful feedback which taught me a lot about being 'economical' and what that meant to board artists.

After getting all the feedback I decided rather than push to finish Late To School, I started on my final project, trying to focus on making work that shows that I'm not only economical when I board, but I can make a conversation interesting through good acting and dialogue! I also realised at this point, that instead of creating a formalised portfolio on my website, for the time being I want to create a bunch of sample work.

This is basically what I'm using to show my samples! I decided to compile only the best parts of my work, even though it's unfinished. I'll be updating the work in here as I finish more. The reason to why I did this is because after speaking to my mentor and other board artists, it turns out that as a student, they don't expect us to have fully finalised portfolios, and with the pandemic and how stressful it's been, I decided it would be best to take this route with showing my work rather than putting unnecessary stress on myself.

As an end note, this term was INSANE. From the amount of work I did to everything I learnt from my self directed study. It does suck that we weren't able to get more of an intuitive learning experience, but at least I made do on my own. 

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