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This project became an amalgamation of all the skills I gathered through my previous projects on top of all the feedback I got from my mentor and other board artists I spoke to along the way. One of the biggest things I learnt about TV animation is the concept of re-using backgrounds, since while doing super cool shots is fun and nice! it costs lots of money. So I tried to focus a lot more on the character acting and dialogue, which is why I wrote a script.

These were some of my initial notes! (you can also check out the unnamed project I may be doing over summer) Click to magnify!

Unlike the prior projects I did, the first being based off song lyrics and the second being based off of a synopsis, I formulated an actual script based on the designs and concept I had!

What I did, was as shown above in the thumbnails, I created those based off of this script and made my annotations on it to make sure I understood how it would look.

I learned a lot about the importance of working from a script but also the fact that you may end up diverging from the script! since what may work well on there, may not translate as well as we think.

Because I actually wrote a script this time, it made the process of translating my concept so much quicker! Since a lot of the acting was already fleshed out, all I had to do was draw it!

I said it previously, but I ended up deviating a bit from the script when it came to some scenes. Sometimes stuff doesn't work as well! There was that and I tried my best to re-use backgrounds as much as possible (where I could of course) to make it easier if I were to ever take this to an animated stage.

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